3 Ply Luxury Triumph Tissue


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About Us

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the epitome of bathroom luxury. Soft as silk, Triumph Tissue takes toilet paper to a whole new level. Crafted with three layers of threads, this tissue is far more durable and absorbent than your average toilet roll.

Triumph tissue is such a winner, you’ll hardly want to leave your porcelain throne. Triumph Tissue was born amidst the toilet paper shortage of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Triumph Tissue

With less options available, the company’s founders- husband and wife duo Zabain and Keisha Gibson – recognized that the average toilet roll was paper thin and uncomfortable on the bum. The two believed that customers deserved a better option, one that was guaranteed to be soft on the skin that once people gave it a try, they’d feel like royalty.

On top of creating an elevated wiping experience, Triumph Tissue helps save trees. Due to its thick, receptive nature, customers use less at a time. Over time, these savings reduce the number of trees needed for production – all while continuing to provide the gold standard of tissue.